Hack The Library

organizer + instructor

Hack The Library is a collaboration with Shanekia McIntosh, Bushwick based non-profit powrplnt and the Hudson Area Library. A free three-day intensive workshop (July 9 – 11), young people 9 – 13 years old will learn how to create zines, gifs and videos using computers and smart phones. Youth participants will collaborate with digital arts professionals currently working in the field. Digital artists/instructors include Zia Anger, filmmaker and music video director; Mark Dorf, photographer who mixes photographs with digital media; Shanekia McIntosh, writer, creative arts programmer and DJ and multimedia artist Angelina Dreem.

Photoshop//Gif-making workshop w/ Mark Dorf

editing within the phone workshop w/Zia Anger

sound fort workshop w/Angelina Dreem

zine workshop w/Shanekia McIntosh

screen printing w/Shanekia McIntosh